Duo Insoles


This reversible, dual-stimulating silicone insole brings variable stimulation to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to wake up your feet, build foot strength, reduce fatigue or improve performance the Naboso Duo is for you. The Naboso Insoles are the only sensory insoles on the market and are thin enough to be worn in any shoe or on top of an existing arch support or orthotics. Recommended for: Waking up the feet when standing at work, in the gym and throughout the day Enhancing foot awareness to improve balance & increase movement efficiency Maximum foot stimulation to energize your step and reduce foot ache Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking Non-cushion sensory insoles designed for daily use. Thin enough to work with all types of footwear. Use it on top of your existing insole. Designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks. Silicone | Latex-Free | BPA Free