Massage Therapy

Support for your Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Orthopedic and your medical goals with greater results and faster recovery.

Yoga Therapy

Traditional Yoga Therapy that is a science and research combined service designed to fully support your body from a student centered approach.

Virtual Consultations

My practice has been built around my own personal self-discovery, healing, and recovery. Book your virtual consult and let's build your customized self care plan together!

My Mantra to YOU

My practice has been built around my own personal self-discovery, healing, and recovery.  My goal is to move through life and breathe one day at a time, while letting go of dogma and balancing ego, uncovering life’s inspiration along the way. My intention is not about the destination, but the process of growing in wholeness and unity.  My work with you is a collaborative process in creating an ideal self practice that mirrors your unique needs and intentions.  Together we create Oneness through body-mind-spirit wellness.

Integrating Massage and Yoga Therapy we can address the whole body and separation from our wholeness...

Yoga Therapy provides a model for understanding separation, or lack of homeostasis, by addressing pathology through the layers of our being.  These layers represent the physical, breath, psycho emotional, wise instinct, and the core bliss body, the layers of the human condition. Using the Yoga Therapy assessment lens can help specify patterns and compensatory habits in body and mind, and brings us to the root of the issue. While Massage addresses soft tissue imbalances in the physical body, dissolving adhesions, normalizing energetic and breath flow in the musculoskeletal system,  fascial system, and the nervous system, reduces pain and discomfort, speeds recovery, improves circulation, recalibrating our response to stress. Together, these approaches create a complete individualized science based methodology for creating your unique balance. 

Massage Therapy helps us to connect to the stillness and simplicity of just being, while also providing an oxygen rich environment for healing.

Not to mention, Massage Therapy helps boost the immune system's response to illness and disease. Did you know our skin is the largest organ of the body?  The skin is the first line of defense in the body’s immunity and is part of the immune system. Healthy skin helps the whole body maintain health.  For this reason, Namaste Therapies only uses plant based oils that are unprocessed, without synthetic additives or oil dispersants, and organic.  These high quality, organic, nutritious Ayurvedic oils are tailored to dosha type, as well as pain management, tissue building, for promoting healthy hair, or soothing skin conditions.  These oils are herbal infused, free from parabens, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances of any kind.  If you have known skin sensitivities or allergies, please let me know in advance.