Massage & Yoga Therapy


We specialize in all things therapeutic, restorative, and corrective bodywork for the active lifestyle. Creating a personalized plan with kinesthetic assessments, massage and yoga therapy in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Preventative Healthcare & Promoting Longevity

Namaste Therapies is all things therapeutic and self-care related, promoting longevity. Our work together is collaborative, custom crafted care, that helps you understand how to work with your body, and complementing our work together so you get more from your massage.

Holistic Healing

Personalized plans for body awareness and education through kinesthetic assessment.

What others have to say
Rhianna is a master at what she does. Not only is she incredibly skilled with her hands and tooling, but she also takes the time to educate her clients on what's going on within their bodies. She's great at teaching me what the symptoms are vs the cause. And I always feel so much better after our visits. Can't recommend her enough.
— Sara S.
Rhianna is truly the best at what she does and has a passion for healing others. She is beyond gifted and has honed her skills to benefit others with kindness, knowledge, understanding, empathy and the human touch.
— Cory L.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Rhianna is a deeply skilled, knowledgable, and healing soul. Her ability to heal, coupled with her knowledge about the body, sets her apart from others in the field. I am ever grateful to her for helping to rebuild and strengthen my body.
— Hannah D.
I found Rhianna when I was looking for a solution to pain and stress management. I have really enjoyed working with Rhianna on bodywork including somatic and nervous system release. She is so knowledgable about human anatomy and mind/body connection. I am nearly finished with my first 5-pack and have enjoyed tremendous progress over 3 months since beginning my work with Rhianna.
— Helen M.

Rhianna Stanford

Owner, Licensed Massage and Yoga Therapist

“My goal is to offer our bodies a place to learn and listen without a rigid mindset”


1011 Westlake Drive
Westlake Hills, TX 78746

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