Mindfulness brings whole body health and wellness

The winds change, leaves begin to fall, and sure enough, the sniffles and colds hit hard.  All in addition to the normal aches of everyday wear and tear on our bodies.  Are you quick to reach for the same methods of relief as always?  And if so, how’s that working out for ya?
Let’s face it, most of us, me included, lose out when we feel sick.  We “forget” how to take care of ourselves and reach for the nearest drug, or hammer, to knock it out.  But what if we took a different approach this season?

Let’s try something new and stay grounded during the changing season.

I want you to think about . . .your mind; and the word PSYCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY.  Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of how the mind controls and influences diseases in the body.  Studies in this field are showing excellent mechanisms built into our own nervous system and brain that regulate the immune system with amazing integration of all the systems of the body.  Imagine that your WHOLE BODY is communicating and working together in unison, repelling the uckys and boosting the good.  Well, stop just imagining and really THINK ON IT.  This is totally within reach for each and everyone of us.  And it all begins by focusing our awareness.
By cultivating this mindfulness around our body’s needs we can literally feed the need.  So, whether you are already feeling sickly, or seeking to boost your immune system before the bugs invade, try this mindful approach to self-care this season.  The practice is about embracing it ALL, whether full of bliss and goodness, or not so great, maybe even discomfort or chronic pain.  By allowing what is there to have your attention, whatever that may be, breathing into and out of each area,  we create a state of rest and release, letting go of what is spent and opening up to healing.  No judgement.  No fixing.  Just observing.  Breathing out tension and breathing in vitality.
Happy Breathing!

Begin by relaxing fully in a supported reclining position.
(First thing in the morning, midday, or at bedtime is great!)
Establish contact with the body by eliminating all distractions with the intention of focusing on the minute details of your body.  This means the good and the bad.  Let go of all movement and focus on your breathing.  In.  Out.  In.  Out. . .

Start by fully concentrating on the right hand thumb, second finger, third, fourth, and fifth.  Then, the palm, back of the hand, lower arm, upper arm, shoulder, side of the body at the waist, right hip, thigh, lower leg, top of the foot, sole of the foot, right big toe, second, third, fourth, and fifth.  Continue by shifting over to the left and repeat the process.

Now, focus with full attention on the whole right side of the body. Then, the whole left side of the body.
Now, allow your awareness to expand and feel the WHOLE BODY together.  Notice everything and nothing.  Try not to hold onto what arises, certain areas of the body, or discomfort or pain.  Just observe and remain present.  Then, let go of it all.  (This is the hard part.)

Rest.  Rest in silence for as long as you can, in a state of non-doing, allowing the body to integrate and just be.

When you are ready to come back, begin to deepen your breathing, as if to awake from sleep, slowly rolling to your side before coming vertical.