What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is not about the flexible people that fit into tiny spandex outfits and have unrestricted athleticism. Yoga is a state of mind.  When we practice creating harmony in the subtle body, the mind, these positive effects move into the breath, the emotions and finally the physical body.  The 8 branches of Ashtanga Yoga teaches us that the practice of yoga is more than just poses and a sticky mat.   Our practice is a lifelong growth process that moves from the the smallest most insignificant areas to the biggest most important and far reaching decisions of life.  You could look at yoga as a way of reframing our habits and patterns of suffering and dis-ease to find comfort, ease and realignment with our truest self.

Yoga Therapy enhances health and wellness at all levels of our physical, psychological and spiritual health by using the ancient science and traditions of Yoga.  The allopathic or Western view of sickness, tension, anxiety or depression tends toward a focus on symptoms only; Yoga Therapy brings the healing process to the whole person.  Through Yoga Therapy we can compassionately discover the habits and patterns in our life that are out of balance and empowers you as your own healer rather than looking to the practitioner bestowing the healing.  This allows teaching directly to your specific needs rather than a typical Yoga class where the student molds to a pre-arranged structure of posture practice intended for large groups. 

Yoga Therapy provides relief from:

Stress related illnesses and the chronic stress response

Anxiety, depression and nervous system disorders

Respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis

Immune, endocrine, digestion and circulatory system disruptions

Injuries, chronic pain, scoliosis, poor posture and much more…

Yoga Therapy is:

Traditional Yoga, science and research combined to fully support your body from a student centered approach

A complete path to freedom in your practice  –  the absence of dogma and ego 

Tailored to your needs and at your pace regardless of experience

Knowledge and exploration of the whole person from a physical, emotional and the spiritual dimensions of being

My Mantra to YOU

My practice has been built around my own personal self-discovery, healing, and recovery.  My goal is to move through life and breathe one day at a time, while letting go of dogma and balancing my ego so that life’s inspiration can be uncovered along the way. My intention is not about arriving at the destination; instead it’s the process of practice and growing in wholeness and unity.  My work with you is a collaborative process in creating an ideal self practice that mirrors your unique needs and intentions.  Together we create Oneness through body-mind-spirit wellness. 

Practice In Peace

There is never any pressure during our sessions to practice complicated poses or push through intense bodywork. On the contrary, sessions are an empowering experience through the process of healing where I support you in understanding your body through functional assessment and reflective observation with a somatic approach to movement. Together, we explore and discover where separation may exist within the layers of Self which keep us from our truth and inner peace. When we have the ability to fully integrate in this manner, we can reconnect with that Oneness which is the inherent knowledge deep within our being. This connection allows us to respond to life through consciousness and accept life’s changes with an open heart full of love towards Self. This reinforces our intuition instead of casting judgement or criticism which leads to feelings of inadequacy.

Yoga and Massage Therapy offers us a safe place to rest in the journey of knowing oneself. Our sessions are not about any certain modality, lineage or study of Yoga. They are not about having perfect posture or flexibility, but rather having your unique spiritual practice.