By using both Structural Massage and Yoga Therapy, we can address the whole body in a way that massage alone cannot. While massage is perfect for releasing soft tissue and dissolving adhesions, or my preferred word, releasing supportive scaffolding, it’s not very good at repatterning inefficient compensation, and it doesn’t help build muscle strength. Movement, however, does. And while movement, or asana, is only one branch of Yoga, there is a perfect synchronicity in the practice of Yoga Therapy that helps us move body, mind, and spirit, creating balance and strength, ease, and peace. Yoga and Massage Therapy are my favorite methods for knowing who we are and how we function. Essentially, my job is to help you see and feel yourself, and then create your own practice of self massage and yoga to further balance how your body deals with daily stress.

Assessment (30 minutes): $65 – If there is injury, postural deviations, or chronic issues that need to be evaluated, an assessment is vital for your first visit.  Most choose to add the Assessment to their initial Massage or Yoga session.  This allows us to discuss your concerns, review physician recommendations, and most importantly, allows me to check in with your body using kinesthetic assessments to create a specific treatment plan.

If you don’t schedule an Assessment with your first session, that’s fine. If I think we need to take a closer look at something, I’ll make the suggestion during our check in interview at the beginning of our time together. One thing I don’t like to do is make promises. And I don’t diagnose. So, if there’s concern for major medical conditions, come in with your diagnoses, so we can eliminate guessing around a broken bone or slipped disc, etc.  Regardless, if I see there is some deeper investigation needed, or a referral for professional evaluation, I will let you know for sure.

30 min Massage: $75
45 min Massage: $95
60 min Massage: $120
90 min Massage: $170​

Packages *Packages can be purchased after initial Assessment or first session is completed.  All 5 sessions need to be scheduled at time of purchase and expire within six months of purchase date:

5 x 30 minute sessions:  $338
5 x 45 minute sessions:  $​428
5 x 60 minute sessions:  $540
5 x 90 minute sessions:  $765

Yoga and Massage

Assessment is a core principle in structural bodywork and a major method in my practice. Although not everyone comes in with chronic pain or injuries, a lot do, and even more start the conversation admitting to tension. Structural bodywork is all about understanding the individual’s balance, or lack thereof, and selecting specific bodywork to bring things into balance again. Using kinesthetic or orthopedic assessment, or muscle testing, I am able to establish a baseline for what works well, and what doesn’t, based on your body type and movement patterns. Essentially, I’m looking for what needs to be stretched versus strengthened, hyper or hypo mobility, the ways in which you are using your body and whether they are functional or dysfunctional. This allows us to create a treatment plan, just like a map, so we have direction in our sessions. My goal is to help you build awareness of your body and to build a tool chest of remedies and techniques to help you respond and rebalance.

Ideally we would all be practicing some form of movement everyday because we know, what we don’t move, we lose!  But I too live in the same crazy world that you do, and understand all the many reasons why we stop moving. It has been a lifelong journey of my own to find daily movement. I’ll admit, this has become easier for me the longer I’ve worked as a therapist because I need to practice what I teach in order to really know the work that I do. But for most, we are fighting against the clock, bickering with our habits, or just not knowing what to practice, avoiding what we don’t know. Let me help you build your ideal practice!

Working with both massage and yoga is not a new concept as the ancients commonly married touch therapy with yoga therapy to achieve greater levels of awareness and healing in their practice. Being able to completely relax physically allowing your senses to soften and turn inward observing sense withdrawal, pratyahara, is a beautiful way to truly integrate the Body Mind and Spirit. Massage and Yoga Therapy gives the body permission, on a cellular level, to unfold and release, creating the insight and body awareness for balance and homeostasis.