Assessment (30 minutes): $65 – If there is injury, postural deviations, or chronic issues that need to be evaluated, an assessment is vital for your first visit.  Most choose to add the Assessment to their initial Massage or Yoga session.  This allows us to discuss your concerns, review physician recommendations, and most importantly, allows me to check in with your body using kinesthetic assessments to create a specific treatment plan.

30 min Massage: $65
45 min Massage: $85
60 min Massage: $110
90 min Massage: $150​

Packages *Packages can be purchased after initial Assessment or first session is completed.  All 5 sessions need to be scheduled at time of purchase and expire within six months of purchase date:

5 x 30 minute sessions:  $292.50
5 x 45 minute sessions:  $​382.50
5 x 60 minute sessions:  $495
5 x 90 minute sessions:  $675

Yoga and Massage

Working with both massage and yoga is not a new concept as the ancients commonly married touch therapy with yoga therapy to achieve greater levels of awareness and healing in their practice. Being able to completely relax physically allowing your senses to soften and turn inward observing sense withdrawal, pratyahara, is a beautiful way to truly integrate the Body Mind and Spirit. Massage helps to create space and gives permission on a cellular level for our bodies to unfold creating the insight and body awareness to then allow greater balance through effort and release in our yoga practice.