Determining your constitution:

Ayurveda, Sanskrit for ayur (life) and veda (knowledge), is an ancient complete health care system.  Practiced for thousands of years throughout India, Ayurveda uses the unique characteristics of your body chemistry and mental state to determine your specific needs around balancing your health.  Knowing your constitution is a great tool in understanding your bodies unique balance, and imbalances, to better help you take care of your body.  The real purpose of your constitution is to know the mind body connection and become aware of the gaps you may be experiencing in your health and wellness. Knowing your constitution help you find ways of bridging those gaps and balancing everything decision you make from the foods you eat, when to go to bed or wake up, most productive times of the day, even how to make your poo time more enjoyable. I mean really, why would you NOT want to explore this?  Find your constitution at one of the links below.

Banyan Botanicals 

This is a simple, yet thorough look into your constitution. 

Dosha Guru 

A much more comprehensive quiz, this quiz take a bit to accomplish, but is a treasure chest of knowledge. 

To find peace with our environment, and with the individual, we must come to understand where and what disharmonies exist within.

Nutritional CBD

Prime My Body is superior CBD oil. I love this stuff!  These hemp extracts are premium and sourced from organic US farms. This CBD formula has phytocannabinoids and poly-terpenes to delivery a broad spectrum nutritional formula safe for all and contains no THC (the stuff that makes you high). Delivered by sonicated nano technology (that’s science speak for ultra tiny), each phytonutrient is received by the cells at a much higher dosage that most of what you find over the counter, therefore it is absorbed more readily by the Endocannabinoid System faster and with higher potency. Less is more!

In order to understand the importance to CBD, and why it is so helpful for many of us, we must recognize that cannabinoids naturally occur in our bodies and help with things like stress, memory, appetite, pain, etc., and are part of the Endocrine System. This system regulates the chemical levels in our body. Without all of these chemicals operating at their proper levels we can experience difficulty with things like managing stress, rebuilding muscle tissue, wake and sleep cycles, pain, weight management, and on and on.

Yoga is the vessel that takes you through the journey of your mind.

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