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Are you inflexible? Do you find yourself avoiding certain activities because you don’t feel comfortable with your own abilities? Or maybe you keep hurting yourself trying to keep up in group classes? Do you feel your habits don’t serve you, but at a loss as to how to change them? If your quality of life isn’t what you know it could be because of injury, chronic pain, inflexibility, or lack of confidence, this is the course for you. 

Know Thyself is a unique Yoga Therapy practice builder for the conscious mover. After almost two decades of helping regular folks make friends with their body, I designed this course as a source for those currently working with me, or those who are ready to start building their own practice. We will explore your body in depth and how to recognize healthy and unhealthy movement patterns, at all levels (body, breath, emotions, wisdom, and inner bliss). Learn about Yogic Philosophy and Practices, Myofascial and Active Release Techniques, Guided Assessments, and general self-care that fits YOU. 

This course is brought to you by my trial and error and is meant to facilitate you in a self paced experience that balances the fundamentals, the stretch versus strengthen concepts, through a one-on-one setting. I have compiled and condensed my own personal practice as a Yogi and bodyworker to bring you a functional understanding of how to apply Yoga to your own needs. So often we are applying ourselves to a Yoga practice that may not be suitable and can even cause harm.  Breaking down these concepts by body parts, or joints, with a focus on assessing your own needs on a daily basis, ensures you are moving at your own speed and in your own way.

For those already working with me, this course will help solidify our treatment plan by providing easy to follow short video demos, highlighting important principles, and providing many more in depth sources for you to continue building your practice on your own. Once enrolled in the program, you will have unlimited 24/7 access for as long as you like. Most can pick up this material on day one with information and reminders in self-care to keep your practice tracking with your daily needs. For those that have experienced traumatic injury, currently rehabilitating, or more complex conditions that need individual care and professional insight, it is a good idea to consider the assessment process with me in person to create a more specific guide of modifications and safe practice techniques. This can be done in person at my studio, or we can face-to-face through zoom.